Stick dulcimer kit

Stick dulcimer kit

The dulcimer kits are about the same difficulty level as a model airplane. It requires fairly basic woodworking skills such as sanding, gluing, hand trimming, and putting on a finish.

The only 2 areas involving cutting are trimming the top and bottom around the edge of the frame and cutting the soundholes. Old-Timer Mountain Dulcimer Kit.

How to Build a "Strum Stick".

This is a kit version of our Old-Timer Mountain Dulcimer. The thin body and teardrop shape give the Old-Timer a good ol' mountain sound. While the look is reminiscent of an old, hill instrument, modern conveniences such as geared tuners and a 6.

Cut yourself some circles or hearts if you want a really traditional look. This is a kit version of our Red Meadow Mountain Dulcimer. The Red Meadow shares the same look as the Old-Timer, but it has a deeper body, giving it a little deeper sound.

You will definitely still hear that mountain twang, but it will be slightly more subtle and accompanied by a little more bass and a little more volume. Cedar Creek Mountain Dulcimer Kit. This is a kit version of out Cedar Creek Mountain Dulcimer. The hourglass shaped body gives the Cedar Creek more of a stereo sound. Typically, the hourglass is a little louder on the low tones and a little softer on the treble compared to the teardrop instruments.

The Cedar Creek also offers a variety of solid-wood soundboard options, giving it some tonal and aesthetic variety. Walnut Classic Mountain Dulcimer Kit. This is a kit version of our Walnut Classic Mountain Dulcimer. The Walnut Classic shares the same dimensions as the Cedar Creek but features all solid wood construction. The book-matched walnut back and sides add even more depth and balance to the stereo sound of the Cedar Creek.

Classic 6 String Dulcimer Kit. This is a kit version of our Classic 6 string Mountain Dulcimer. The 6 string uses the same style of construction as the Walnut Classic, but it also adds some aesthetic and tonal variations. The b ack and headpiece have a stripe inlay, and the fretboard has dot-position markers. The additional strings give a chorus-like sound and offer more tuning variations.

Banjo Dulcimer Kit.

Mountain Dulcimer

The only 2 areas involving cutting are trimming the top and bottom around the edge of the frame. The Banjo Dulcimer Kits already have pre-cut Vine sound holes and soundboard bracing installed. Dulcilin Back packer Kit. This is a kit version of our Dulcilin Mountain Dulcimer.

The Dulcilin is the smallest of the finished instruments and, of course, the smallest of the kits. Smaller body and smaller strength length. Available in either birch laminate or solid walnut. Great first-time wood project. Branson, Mo. Dulcimer Kits.

A word about kits The dulcimer kits are about the same difficulty level as a model airplane. Search Products Search for:.Choosing a new dulcimer can be overwhelming, and many times I am asked to advise people on their choices.

I am always happy to talk to people about choosing a dulcimer, so feel free to contact me with questions. But, in the end, it is all a matter of personal preference and finding the instrument that calls to you. These beautiful Appalachian Mountain dulcimers have been the mainstay of our business since the early 70s. They are quality instruments with a beautiful, resonant sound. There are two shapes: Hourglass photo left or Teardrop photo right.

There are also 2 different head designs… either a flat head like a guitar photo left or a traditional scroll photo right. Other options include ebony fingerboard and black or gold tuners. Call or email for details. This is a precut, ready to assemble kit version of the McSpadden dulcimer. It is made from a very high-quality walnut veneer and has a beautiful sound. It comes with very detailed instructions on assembly as well as a book on how to play.

This is a little one-string dulcimer with a can as the sound box. You only have to add the can. There beautiful instruments are made in Southwest Virginia by our good friend Mr. Neely who has been making instruments for us for many years. They are made of various woods, including walnut, cherry, curly or tiger maple, spalted or wormy maple, wormy chestnut, mahogany, butternut, spruce and more. Most instruments have a combination of woods.

Amazing Hammered Dulcimer Musician - Joshua Messick

Tone holes include hearts, hummingbirds, maple leaves, butterflies and others. All Neely Instruments come with a case and book. Neely Concert Dulcimer: Larger hourglass body with big sound and adjustable bridge.

Neely Duici-Jo Dulcimer: Played flat like a traditional dulcimer, but with a wooden banjo head and a very big banjo sound. Neely Du-Jo Dulcimer: Played like a banjo with a neck and wooden banjo head, but is fretted like a dulcimer and much easier to play than a banjo.Cart 0.

Sold Out. A unique specialty dulcimer. Constructed of solid black walnut with a soundboard made from walnut, with a w Banjo Dulcimer With Inlays. A 4-string dulcimer that looks and plays like a dulcimer, but has the pluckier loud tone of a banjo! It has Walnut Classic Dulcimer. The hig Fun, lightweight, and easy to play, our Wildwood Dulcimer has the rich sound of a mountain dulcimer with ju This Deluxe model offers the best features from the Roosebeck Mountain Dulcimer line! The vaulted fret boar Roosebeck Cutaway Mountain Dulcimer, 5, F-holes.

The Cutaway Dulcimer plays the same and sounds the same as a traditional mountain dulcimer. One side, howev Hourglass Mountain Dulcimer Kit. Dulcimer kits represent a truly exceptional v Roosebeck European Mountain Dulcimer.

European Mountain Dulcimer Also, known as a Schietholt. The instrument measures 34" long x 5" wide and 2" hi McNally Chromatic Strumstick. That means it has wrong Old Timer Dulcimer Teardrop Dulcimer. The body is As one of our most recent additions to our Roosebeck Mountain Dulcimer line, this Grace model has many grea As one of our most recent additions to our Roosebeck Mountain Dulcimer line, this Grace model has many gr As one of our most recent additions to our Roosebeck Mountain Dulcimer line, this Faith model has many grea Walnut Classic Kit.

Build it yourself. Applecreek Dulcimer. Laminated dark wood on the sides and back with light wood on the face. Three plain steel strings with one w Roosebeck Trail Dulcimer, 3 String, Lacewood. Fun, lightweight, and easy to play, our Trail Dulcimer has the rich sound of a mountain dulcimer with just Build your own mountain dulcimer!

stick dulcimer kit

Plush Dulcimer Case. Only available at time of ordering Old Time Smokey Mountains instrument.Welcome to the Dulcimers Store, where you'll find great prices on a wide range of different dulcimers. Skip to main content.

stick dulcimer kit

Dulcimers Welcome to the Dulcimers Store, where you'll find great prices on a wide range of different dulcimers. FREE Shipping on eligible orders. Show only D'Addario items.

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Dulcimer Hammers, Teardrop, Lacewood. Show only Folkcraft items.

Mountain Dulcimer Kits

Only 8 left in stock - order soon. Show only Apple Creek items. Roosebeck Mountain Dulcimer 5-Str, Loop. Only 7 left in stock - order soon. Dulcimer Hammers, Hearts, Lacewood. Show only John Pearse Strings items. Only 1 left in stock - order soon. Show only Masterworks items. Previous Page 1 2 Free Shipping by Amazon. String Swing. Backyard Music. Frustration-Free Packaging. New Used. Folkcraft Instruments, Inc.Easy to build!

A simple but rewarding introduction to instrument making, this high quality solid walnut American kit produces a handsome traditional dulcimer with beautiful tone. This is a decent enough kit with average parts and wood mine came with a chipped headstock and an extra part. The issue is the instructions are absolutely terrible. The basic instructional drawings don't match the kit, and there are no real photos or even drawings of the finish product.

So you are on your own to figure out how to assemble this unsuual instrument with no visual help not like you can go down to your local Dulcimer store and lookout a real one.

For the money this should include good assembly instructions. If you are not familiar with these instruments you will be spending hours searching photos and assembly videos.

Hello Steve, We're sorry to hear our Dulcimer Kit didn't meet your expectations. Thank you for sharing your honest feedback with us. Remember, your satisfaction is guaranteed. We stand behind our return policy -- if you are not satisfied you may return it anytime for a refund or exchange.

Once again, we are very sorry for this inconvenience. I have made 7 StewMac uke kits this year. Built 4 basses and 1 uke from scratch. I found this Dulcimer project interesting, but not up to the standards for quality control and easily understandable instructions I expected. Can't recommend this kit for a novice woodworker. And it results in a playable instrument. May not buy again but the kit and the experience is well worth the price. I've built two of these kits.

I found them to be extremely easy to build. I ended up with two fine instruments that have a great sound.While we are staying at home, we have time on our hands. Time to learn to play! Here is a deep discount on our most popular Strumstick, the D with Spruce top.

These qualities make it a great beginner instrument. Here are some Stay At Home Resources!

stick dulcimer kit

Spruce is the standard wood for soundboards for Guitar, Violin, Piano, and more, and makes a great sounding Strumstick. Compare Strumsticks. Since then there is rarely a day that I don't play it. Your instrument is an important part of my life, keep up the good work.

Cedar Creek Dulcimers

If I can play it anybody can! I do so Enjoy the Noise! Jack B. Plays in numerous keys by capo use or retuning but is ridiculously easy for non players. Full instructions, chords and songs included. Handmade in USA, of all solid woods. The Strumstick is also available in key of G. There are other wood options listed here too. I love music and singing but had always been frustrated in playing any instrument until I got my stick.

Some people pay shrinks a lot of money for therapy but this does the trick for me. I can feel blue, overworked, tired, sad, even happy or any range of human emotions but my stick always sets me right. Padouk is the least expensive of our fancy wood line, and includes an Abalone Soundhole Rosette.

The tone of the padouk top is bright and clear. Our most popular Strumstick, the D with Spruce Top. This is our best selling Strumstick by far. Great sound, with or without the pickup. See our Video below demonstrating many sounds using the pickup with an amp and effects. Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced, short Quick Bites and longer tutorials.

More than 40 videos listed by topics, to teach and inspire! People are loving this! At end of checkout you will see the download link and an email will also be sent to you with the download link. The new Strumstick Chord Changer Wheel comes to the rescue! It can also shift chords from D to G, for G Strumstick players.

See what "Key" means below, if that word is unfamiliar. Basically, you find chords to a song. You jot down the several chords in the song, rotate the wheel until you see those chords, and right opposite them are the Key of D Strumstick chord names.

Pencil the Strumstick chords in, substituting for the original chords, and strum away, happy, happy! For the Curious and Unafraid: What does Key mean?The McNally Strumstick is an amazing instrument, perfect for those just learning to play guitar or for the experienced player who wants to try something new.

I hope this instructable will provide enough information that you will try one too. Carpenter's yellow glue LePages is the brand I use. Spray lacquer gloss. About one ton of sand paper, 60,grits. The tool I used: I don't expect every one to have access to every tool I list, I've been working wood for over 25 years and have been able to amass a pretty good kit.

Did you use this instructable in your classroom? Add a Teacher Note to share how you incorporated it into your lesson. You will first need to dimension your lumber. Cut the neck wood to width, then to the rough length. A table saw and chop saw makes quick work of this but a hand saw will do the job too. Then glue them together. Use lots of clamps and clamp pads to protect the wood from dents.

Mean while you can prepare and glue up the top boards. The mated edges of the top boards need to be squared up and checked for a perfect joint. I use an 8" joiner but you can also do it by hand using a smooth plane. Check the joint by holding the edges together and holding the piece up to a light.

You are looking for light shinning through the joint. Keep working at it until you see no light come through. All you need to do then is glue them together. The oak I used for the sides was prepared ahead of time for another project but the process for dimensioning it is very simple. The board could quite easily shatter in the machine sending spears of oak every where at a high speed.

You can avoid this potentially deadly out come by using 2 sided tape to adhere the boards to the backer board. Where the neck meets the body of the guitar is a fun little job. Since I don't plan on applying a fret board to this build, I need to get a good clean joint.

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